The goal for players and teams trained by Elite Baseball is to create a high energy atmosphere that is designed to maximize a players understanding of the game of baseball. By creating a positive learning environment, we challenge our players to learn an advanced approach to the game of baseball. The emphasis is an unselfish, team first attitude. We teach to the personality of each individual within the realm of the team concept and try to create a style that works for that individual during our hitting sessions.  Elite's focus is on player development and skill training for ages 8 to 18, college and professional players.

Each student will be accountable for their experience and develop an advanced understanding of the game. We demand each individual to be a student of the game and learn what style works best for them. They need to know what techniques, fundamentals, and style give the student his best chance to be successful. We stress attention to detail and focusing on controllable factors such as Attitude, Energy, Effort and Body Language. The process of growing as a player begins with the ability to handle adversity. The ultimate goal is to use the game of baseball to develop the character traits needed to grow into a successful person.

Elite Baseball revolves around the idea of teaching players using the most qualified instructors who are experts in the field of baseball. We will provide a non-biased, objective opinion on what is best for the team and its individual players. Elite Baseball has created a formula this is designed to maximize each players understanding of the game through a progressive approach. Consistent teaching of the same information becomes a conditioning process for the player throughout each transitional level. Our goal is to create a positive learning environment which challenges you to learn an advanced approach to the game.

Let the professional instructors at Elite Baseball help take your game to places players cannot take themselves. Come master the fundamentals necessary to compete at the next level.

Elite Group Hitting sessions
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