Monthly Training

Elite Hitting

Future Star                                      $155 / month
(36 hitting sessions per year $50 per session)

Silver Slugger                                 $195 / month
(48 hitting sessions per year $48.75 per session or 28 hitting sessions & 12 2:1 ratio @ $90 per session )

MVP                                                 $255 / month
(48 group hitting sessions per year $44 per session & 12 2:1 sessions @ $74 per session) 

Mickey Mantle                                $295 / month
(40 hitting sessions per year @ 2:1 ratio @ $90 per session)

Elite Pitching, Athletic Performance & All-In

All Star                                              $85 / month
(40 group sessions per year $25.50)

Hit & Run                                          $125 / month
(24 group EAP sessions & 24 hitting sessions at $31.25 per)              

Two Way                                           $125 / month
(24 group pitching sessions & 24 hitting sessions at $31.25 per)

Double A                                          $155 / month
(32 group pitching sessions, 32 group EAP sessions at $17.50 per & 24 hitting sessions at $31.25 per)

Triple A                                              $195 / month
(40 group pitching sessions, 40 group EAP sessions at $20 per & 24 hitting sessions at $31.25 per)

Cy Young                                          $195 / month
(One on One Instruction, 48 sessions per year at $48.75 per session)

The Show                                          $295 / month
(48 group pitching sessions, 48 group EAP sessions & 48 hitting sessions at $24.50 per)

Bullpen Tech Pack                            $30 - $355
(Single Bullpen Add-On for member $30, Single Bullpen non-member $55, 4-pack $175, 8-Pack $355)

1st Time Client can do an Introductory month for $125 Hitting and $125 Pitching with Double A only

1st Session for new clients is complimentary. To become Elite: 949.230.4903

* One-time payment
** Save 10% with a pre-paid annual plan on Silver Slugger, Mickey Mantle and MVP packages

Instructional Bundles      

Package of 10 Semi-Private Sessions         $900
(2 to 1 instructor ratio)

Package of 10 Hitting Group Sessions       $600

Package of 10 1:1 Pitching Sessions            $695

Package of 10 2:1 Pitching Sessions            $450

* One-time payment
*Package of 10 hitting & pitching lessons must be completed within 5 months of purchase date                                                                    *2:1 hitting sessions are 40 minutes                                                     *1:1 pitching sessions are 40 minutes                                                            *Group Lessons are 45 min or 1 hour (based on group size)

Seasonal Training

Instructs                                 $445 / player
(Fall: Labor Day - Xmas: 12 Hitting or Pitching sessions over the 14 week period $37 per session, 12 weeks starts at purchase date)

Spring Training                     $595 / player
(Spring: MLK Day - Mother's Day: 16 Hitting or Pitching sessions over the 18 week period $37 per session, 16 weeks starts at purchase date)

Boys of Summer                   $295 / player
(Summer: Memorial Day - July 31st: 8 Hitting or Pitching sessions over the 10 week period $37 per session, 8 weeks starts at purchase date)

*Seasonal training sessions need to completed during the allotted time frame for each season, they expire at the end of the time frame. The date of purchase begins the clock for the season.

*These lessons are to be scheduled 1x per week and there are no make up sessions for seasonal sessions. 

Add-on Services

Sibling Add-on                      $100 / month

Sibling Add-on for hitting only, includes 24 extra sessions per year @ $31.25 per for a Future Star (60) or Silver Slugger (72)                                                                      

Video analysis                         $30/ month
(Weekly Voice notes from Joe DeMarco on Hudl app)

Upgrade on Packages

Hit & Run, Double A, Triple A & The Show: is available for two payments annually of $195 to upgrade to Future Star (36 sessions) and $395 to upgrade to Silver Slugger (48 sessions) on 5/15 and 11/15

Team Packages

One to Four Hitting Sessions                 $350

Five to Nine Hitting Sessions                 $310

Nine or More Hitting Sessions               $270

Field Practice or Game Coaching  

a La Carte: per session                            $250 Seasonal 2x week, Fall 16/Spring 24    $225

Tryout 2 hours w 2 Elite staff                 $200                                                                                

* For teams ages 8u - 14u                                     * Hitting Located at Santa Ana or UCI facilities   * Hitting Sessions are 1 hr & 10 minutes with two Elite instructors or 40 min with the team split into two groups                                                          *Practice, drop in or Game are 1.5 to 3 hour duration, rates vary.                                    *Tailored team packages can be designed

Elite Hitting

Elite Hitting is an opportunity for players who are looking to increase their hitting knowledge and skills in a high energy positive learning environment. Players will be receiving professional training from expert instructors while being exposed to our state of the art facilities at UC Irvine and Santa Ana. We will only take on players who are serious about developing their hitting and who are willing to learn the skills and traits necessary to compete at the next level. By creating a positive learning environment, we challenge our players to learn an advanced approach to the game of baseball. With the Elite Baseball Development Program, group hitting sessions will now be included as an option in our new packages.

Elite Pitching

Our throwing development program, is designed not just for pitchers, but for any throwing athlete wanting to develop velocity, command and consistency while focusing on maintaining a healthy arm.  Athletes will learn how to properly warm up with pre-throwing stretches and routines, and go through a guided curriculum that has a specific focus each day dependent on the position and area of focus.  Additionally, players will be taken through recovery protocols and receive high speed videos of their motion, as well as other analysis tools that will contribute to their development. 

Athletes in the Elite Baseball Development Program who choose a package will receive:

  • First Session On-Boarding Workout
  • Calendar with Daily workout
  • Jaeger-Band stretches sheet
  • Velocity progress chart
  • Plyoball tracking sheet
  • Bullpen tracking sheet
  • Nutrition sheet
  • Pitching Process chart
  • Basic Stretching sheet
  • Monthly Video Analysis
  • Monthly mental review and checklist
  • Video package sent to player monthly
  • Pre/Post Throwing Guide for Practices/Games
  • Nutrition/Sleep Guide
  • Individual Consultation as requested (mental, high school, scouting, etc.)

*Extra information and sheets vary by package.

Elite Athletic Performance

The newest addition to Elite Baseball, is a training program designed to maximize athletic ability for ballplayers.  Our approach to training is a complete focus of body awareness with dynamic movements and core activation. These performance classes will be scheduled into our development program and will be broken down into one hour sessions that complement pitching and hitting sessions.  During these sessions, our goal is to help our members gain an understanding of proper athletic movements and how maintaining a powerful, healthy body will improve performance on the field.

Weekly Video Swing Analysis with Hudl Slow Motion Technology  

Elite staff will film and analyze swing mechanics during and after a session using the most up to date hitting applications as a visual aid to assist in player development.  Players will receive a weekly copy of their cage session swings with frame by frame sequences on the Hudl cloud accessed by Members at any time.  Elite instructors use video to reinforce good mechanics and stress Elite hitting principles that build a foundation for success. Elite will provide voice notes on hitting sessions via the app as an additional service.   The basic Hudl video is  included in Silver Slugger, Mickey Mantle and MVP Packages.

2 to 1 Elite Instructor to player ratio

Elite Members in grades 8th-12th can receive Hitting instruction at 2-1 ratio with Elite Staff 2x or 4x per month if desired, these sessions are  at UCI or the Elite Facility in Santa Ana.  This is crucial in the advancement and understanding of the Elite Principles and Techniques that will take our members to the highest level of success. These sessions are 40 Minutes long and are by appointment only.  This service is included in the Mickey Mantle and Tailored Packages.

Elite Member Terms & Policies

Client Service Agreement Term:
The term of this Agreement shall be on a month to month basis. You will be billed monthly until the client chooses to cancel or pause their membership.

Cancellation & Pause Policy:
If you choose to cancel your membership we require notice prior to your billing date for the month.  If proper notice is not given the client is billed accordingly for that month.  If a player is injured, we allow the the client to pause their membership until they are able to attend sessions.

Make up Policy: 
If a client misses a session, feel free to make it up at another time during the week or the week following.  We want players to attend their sessions to develop their skills and relationships with our staff.  We ask, please do not make a habit of signing up and then missing class, it takes away a spot for another student that can attend that session. 

Parent Expectations:
We expect parents to not interfere with our training sessions. Trying to communicate with players during their workout is unacceptable. You are paying us for a service, please allow our staff to do their job.  Parents will be required to stay out of the cage area and the line of sight.  If a parent starts to hover or creep to close they will be kindly asked to leave the cage area.

Team Rainout & Cancellation Policy:

In the event of a rainout, the Elite policy is, 50% of the event(s) that Elite is scheduled to attend will be billed, and the Elite Staff will be compensated for the cancelled event(s).  This will ensure that the budget agreed upon by a team and Elite will be met. The event will be made up if a team can provide a field. If a team cannot provide a make up date, it will be adjusted to an Elite facility team hitting session.  If a team cancels an event, 48 hours required notice, or the team will be billed and event will be counted toward the total.