Elite Client Matt Chapman get the call!


On 6/14 at 4:31pm Elite's MLB hitting consultant Joe DeMarco missed a call, after checking his phone he realized the call was from Chappy.  As the return call followed a proud moment occurred  for the 41 year old DeMarco, for the 2nd time in his career a home grown player was promoted to the Big Leagues. Chapman joins the Padres Austin Hedges as MLB clients that use the consulting services for professional hitters.  "Good news Joe" was how the conversation began and he knew it was time for Chappy to get the call to join the big club in Oakland.  The advice from the mentor was simple, "just do what you do and enjoy the moment."  Matt grew up in orange county attending El Toro before playing for the Titans at Cal State Fullerton, he was a 1st round pick by the A's in 2014.