ELITE Pitching Off-Season Training Program

ELITE Pitching will be offering group off-season training programs for pitchers who want to work hard and learn how to take their game to the next level. We will be offering 3 Phases that include velocity training, mental preparation, throwing patterns, and arm care.

Get ready to understand the pitching motion more in depth through the following:

  • Plyocare ball exercises to remap parts of a delivery using overloaded implements to provide better kinesthetic awareness throughout the throwing motion.
  • Jaeger band stretches before and after throwing used to activate the external rotators and biceps, get blood flowing to the shoulder in general and to kickstart the recovery process.
  • Medicine ball, kettle bell, body weight workouts, and explosive moves to strengthen legs/core and increase overall fitness level.
  • Visual cues through slow-motion video and analysis to show pitchers proper technique.

Our program is designed for pitchers who are willing to learn and implement the latest research and drills into their motion and understand the functions of the body during warm up, throwing, and cool down. Each phase of our program is designed for the off-season pitcher to help maintain and improve your skills.

Pitching mechanics will not be discussed in detail as this is a program designed to maintain and strengthen pitcher's arms and bodies during the winter. For private training, please contact Ryan Reinsel for more information.


  • Details: $100/per player for (4) 60 minute sessions.
  • Number of pitchers: Minimum 4 - Max 6
  • Dates: 11/29, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20
  • Time: TBD


  • Details: $100/per player for (4) 60 minute sessions.
  • Number of pitchers: Minimum 4 - Max 6
  • Dates: January 2017
  • Time: TBD


  • Details: TBD